Providence Plantation 


Neighborhood Chipper Day!!

The Providence Plantation HOA has organized for a Chipper from “404-CUT-TREE” to be in the neighborhood on Saturday, March 3rd. The chipper will start up at 9:00am. We should be finished by 1:00pm.

Just like the last three years, homeowners will be responsible for bringing anything they would like chipped to the end of their driveway at curbside. The chipping company will be responsible for loading/chipping the materials. Tree branches/trunks up to 18 inches can be chipped.

The HOA will cover the full cost of the chipper. No cost to homeowners!

This is a quick, free way to clear out all your unwanted tree branches, limbs, logs, bushes, Christmas trees etc… just as Spring is arriving! Did I also say it was free ? :)

If you would like a drop of chips for your garden (landscaping etc), there will be more than enough.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].